[ Download your software ] - Mcafee is one of the leading antivirus software as it provides complete security for home and business devices. Mcafee is simple to download, install and activate. Just visit and follow on screen instructions to complete mcafee installation and activation.

If you face any issues during activate mcafee process or face any system requirements related issues, contact mcafee support team. Mcafee has a complete team of technical experst who is ready to help you.

How to create mcafee account?

  1. Open your internet browser and visit url
  2. Click on "MyAccount" and select sign up option
  3. Enter the required details to create mcafee account such as Name, Username, Password, Email Address etc.
  4. Submit the details and verify your email address
  5. Your mcafee account is successfully created

Steps for downloading mcafee on primary device

  1. Type in your web browser
  2. Enter your 25 digit mcafee activation code
  3. Sign in to your mcafee account using credentials
    • New users need to sign up for a new account
  4. Now click on subscriptions option and select the mcafee product you want to download
  5. Click on "Download" button
    • Mcafee setup file will be downloaded in few seconds

Mcafee installation Process

  1. Search the downloaded file from
  2. Run the mcafee setup file and click on "Yes"
  3. Click on "Install" button
    • Let the mcafee installation process get finished
  4. Once the process is completed, you will see a message on screen - "You are Protected Now".

Steps for Mcafee Activation

  1. Visit in web broswer
  2. Click on "MyAccount" and sign in
  3. Select "Country" and "Language"
  4. Enter a valid email address
  5. Submit the 25-character alphanumeric mcafee product key into the text area.
  6. Click on "Submit"
  7. Your "Mcafee Subscription" is successfully activated.

Why to choose Mcafee protection?

Mcafee keeps the user’s desktop or laptop completely covered, in this real time. Security is available so that it scans the user’s desktop in a timely manner. It had e-mail security so that the desktop is secure, it provides online backup to the user as well as p.c. Provides customization that makes the user even more secure.